Mumbai Civic Body Workers Allegedly Steal Seized Items. Video Is Viral

Dayashankar Singh, a pioneer of the Free Hawkers Union says, “This has been going ahead since ages. On the off chance that a fair government official assesses a place of the permit division staff, they will discover just the merchandise of sellers in their homes, even the utensils that would be found would have a place with vendors.”

Congress Leader Ravi Raja says, “I need to scrutinize that whatever is being hauled out is given to whom? I’ve come to know from some place that the vegetables that are taken are sent to individuals in higher positions.”

The video demonstrates a man, accepted to be permit office staff part, getting vegetables from a wicker bin that was simply seized and putting it away subsequent to gathering it in a plastic pack. The has not remarked on the viral video up until now. The video has earned more than 2 lakh sees as of now in two days.

, laborers of the permit office are seen expelling vegetables from the truck that was being utilized to ship the seized vegetables. Sellers assert this has been continuing for quite a while however it’s just now this has been gotten on camera.

As far back as the Elphinstone Road charge catastrophe two months prior, Mumbai’s city body, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation or BMC, has started acting against illicit peddlers, frequently leading ousting drives and reallocating the merchandise that these vendors are offering. Be that as it may, now a video that has circulated around the web and it could end up being a shame for the city body.

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