Bombay High Court Allows Woman To Terminate Foetus With Serious Abnormalities

The seat, in the wake of examining the report, today said the specialists have arrived at the conclusion that there are not kidding deformations in the embryo and proceeding with pregnancy would make hurt the mother.

A division seat of judges S M Kemkar and G S Kulkarni had a week ago requested a board of specialists from state-run J Doctor’s facility to look at the lady and present a report.

The finding of neurological sicknesses in her baby incited the lady to look for end of pregnancy. She needed to approach the court, as under the law, premature births are disallowed following 20 weeks of pregnancy.

The lady had moved toward the court after numerous fetal anomalies were identified when she experienced sonography following 22 weeks and four days of growth.

The today allowed a 28-year-old lady to medicinally end her pregnancy as her 25-week hatchling has genuine neurological and skeletal variations from the norm, making the child’s survival far fetched and conceivably making hurt the mother.

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